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You don’t have to take your family to the park the next time you want to enjoy a picnic. Installing artificial grass can be part of that experience and you won’t have to leave home!

Fake grass is not what it used to be. Synthetic turf is actually stronger and softer than the artificial grass of the past. This durability leaves room for many San Clemente homeowners and businesses to become more creative with their artificial turf.

TigerTurf products look and feel like real grass.

Low-maintenance lawn that makes regular landscape maintenance a thing of the past!

TigerCool Productsartificial grass with built in U.V. inhibitors that reduce surface temperatures

Landscape Turf artificial grass is versatile, accommodating any landscape in San Clemente!

Artificial grass in San Clemente means no slush and no mud. No dead spots, no fertilizer, no pesticides. What artificial grass will give you is a low-maintenance, carefree lawn. Pets love it, children love it, what’s not to love?

Artificial grass is versatile, which means we can place it almost anywhere in San Clemente! Our synthetic turf is perfect for any rooftop, deck, or patio! Imagine how nice of an accessory synthetic grass can be for your next rooftop soiree!

San Clemente, there are many other benefits when it comes to artificial turf. It is low maintenance, allowing you more time to spend on things that matter to you. Another benefit is how effortless it will be to help save water.

The average American family uses up to 320 gallons of water A DAY. 30 percent of that water is for outdoor use. Nationwide, nearly 9 BILLION gallons of water is being use a day for lawn maintenance. For every square foot of natural grass replaced with artificial grass, up to 55 gallons of water a year can be saved.

Installing artificial grass will improve our air quality. One lawn mower emits as much pollution as 11 cars traveling for one hour, which contributes up to five percent of our pollution in the United States. The average lawn maintenance in San Clemente cost anywhere from $106-$310 a month-adding up to $1272-$3720 annually!

TigerTurf can help you find the perfect installer anywhere in San Clemente, making our products close and convenient for our San Clemente clients. Our artificial grass provides affordable landscaping solutions to meet the needs of homes, businesses, and more!

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