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TigerTurf provides affordable landscaping artificial grass solutions to meet the needs of homes, businesses, and more all over Escondido!

The drought in California is currently in its fifth year. Water use tends to be the heaviest in Southern California as the climate is hot and dry. It does not mean that their efforts are to go unnoticed.

Escondido homeowners now have the opportunity to save water and have a green yard. By adding artificial turf to your yard, you won’t have to use any fertilizers and pesticides. Who doesn’t want a low-maintenance lawn?

The average American family uses up to 320 gallons of water A DAY. 30 percent of that water is for outdoor use. Nationwide, nearly 9 BILLION gallons of water is being used a day for lawn maintenance. For every square foot of natural grass replaced with artificial turf, up to 55 gallons of water a year can be saved. Artificial grass means no watering, mud, slush, or mowing.

Here a few benefits Escondido can expect from TigerTurf:

  • Low-maintenance lawn that makes regular landscape maintenance a thing of the past!
  • Artificial grass products from that feature distinct designs that can match the need of any landscape.
  • Landscape Turf artificial grass is versatile, accommodating any landscape in Escondido!

With artificial grass, Escondido residents can have the perfect balance of the dream lawn and saving water! TigerTurf can help you find the perfect installer anywhere in Escondido!

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