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Anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Carlsbad, California understands how beautiful the city is. With the drought in California entering another year, Carlsbad residents have had to incorporate water saving techniques into their daily routine. One trend that Carlsbad yards are starting to get notice is the installation of artificial grass.

TigerTurf artificial grass products are safe and versatile, you can place our artificial grass on any playground, residential home, or business. The possibilities are endless!

Our artificial grass looks and feels like real grass. Each blade is perfectly cut, then continually rolled and stretched to strengthen each synthetic yarn, until it is as thin and elegant as natural grass. After the blades are finalized, we go through a rigorous tuft binding process that injects these blades into an environmentally friendly backing. This turf backing can resist thousands of pounds of resistance per square inch, the strongest backing in the industry.  

Pet System – durable, safe, low-maintenance, and maximum drainage

Playground System – safe, lead-free, durable, and protection against impact injuries

Landscape Turf artificial grass is versatile, accommodating any landscape in Carlsbad!

The end result is synthetic grass with an unmatched durability, and a 15 year warranty to prove it.

And let’s not forget about the other benefits of having fake grass. All those hours of lawn maintenance will be a thing of the past, allowing time to finally to finally make time for other home improvement projects!

TigerTurf can even help find you the perfect installer in Carlsbad, our artificial grass provides affordable landscaping solutions to meet the needs of homes, businesses, and more!

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