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Calabasas, let’s talk about grass. Americans spend 70 hours a year maintaining their lawns. Our lawns mean a lot to us. We don’t know anyone that would spend so much time and energy on their lawns if it wasn’t truly a labor of love.

But there is an easier way to have a perfectly manicured, low-maintenance lawn. TigerTurf has the perfect artificial grass product to accommodate any landscape for homes and businesses in Calabasas!

Landscape Turf artificial grass is versatile, accommodating any landscape in Calabasas!

TigerCool Productsartificial grass with built in U.V. inhibitors that reduce surface temperatures

Putting Greens – work on your short game with your personal putting green!

Playground System – safe, lead-free, durable, and protection against impact injuries

When selecting the grass we want to enhance the beauty of our yards, we quickly realize that picking out grass requires science. Fescue, Bluegrass, Rye…the list goes on and on.  And because Calabasas is located in Southern California, we typically experience warm and dry days majority of the year. Why give yourself a headache trying to figure out the perfect mix of water and weather when artificial grass can save time, money, and water?

  • Artificial grass means no watering, mud, slush, or mowing.
  • Nationwide, nearly 9 BILLION gallons of water is being use a day for lawn maintenance.
  • For every square foot of natural grass replaced with artificial grass in Calabasas, up to 55 gallons of water a year can be saved.
  • Artificial grass today looks and feels like real grass!

TigerTurf provides affordable landscaping artificial grass solutions to meet the needs of homes, businesses, and more all over Calabasas!

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