Congratulations PuttTek!

What started as a personal pursuit of passion has turned into a luxury putting course business for one Arizona competitor golfer. Camron Howell, co-owner of PuttTek, searched for a company that could install a personal putting course to practice his short game from home. He wanted a nine hole course so that he could play over and over again. After receiving multiple replies that there isn’t anyone who could do what he wanted, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Design and creativity has been something I’ve always been good at,” Howell said. “I designed my course, picked out the turf, and hired a crew to install it.” Howell used the same typography found on the traditional golf course. The course used a few different turf products – Everlast Nylon Putt 2-Tone, Everlast Poly Putt 2-Tone and TigerTurf Pet Turf found through Synthetic Grass Warehouse to achieve the desired look. This allowed for a different type of effect for the fairway, fringe and putting green. The crew had been so impressed by the outcome of the project, that they suggested Howell create his own business so that artificial grass companies could partner up and promote this type of installation.

Howell took their advice, and now PuttTek partners up with professional landscapers and design firms throughout the Southwest to integrate a customized PuttTek putting course into an overall landscape package.

Howell says that friends ask to come play all the time, which is just fine with him. “It’s fun for all ages,” he said. “It’s safe and it really is a work of art.” Howell believes that it’s the scoring component that makes his courses so popular. “It’s the same reason why people enjoy cornhole, billiards and ping pong,” he said. “It’s just another form of friendly competition.”

Invest in a Synthetic Grass Lawn Today!

Investing in conservation efforts have led us in the right direction to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and clean up our carbon emissions. Thousands of cities across the nation offer rebates to those who invest in synthetic grass, as water efficient upgrades for your residence.

It’s never too late to upgrade your home landscape with synthetic grass! The planet and your wallet will thank you later! A natural grass lawn means spending an average of $11,500 a year on maintenance alone. Almost $2,300 of your hard earned money goes to paying water bills and maintaining your lawn! A synthetic grass lawn means no water, mowing, pesticides or fertilizer.

But why listen to us? Make the call yourself.

We have created a cost comparison chart- natural grass vs. artificial grass so you can see just how much money you could save by trading in your thirsty turf for synthetic grass. All of our synthetic grass products are non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it perfectly safe for pets and animals.

Now is the time to ditch that natural grass and invest in a beautiful, eco-friendly and low-maintenance artificial grass lawn.

Check out our chart here!

Ask JW: The Importance of Power Brooms

The evolution of synthetic turf has evolved tremendously over the decades. Fiber structure and design have created turf that is denser than ever before. With these changes creates challenges for the installer to have the very best of tools and machinery to “brush up” the synthetic turf fibers. I call this “Defibrillation” or as some may call it “Power Brooming”.

This month’s column, I will teach what power brooms are, why defibrillation is important for the appearance of your project, and how defibrillation will assist in the turf fibers longevity.

For more information regarding the importance of power brooms contact J.W. or call 888.846.3598

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Nylon Putt 2-Tone

Work on your short game from the comfort of your own home with our Everlast Nylon Putt 2-Tone! This product features textured nylon material and showcases vibrant field and lime green color combinations, which will blend perfectly with any natural setting.

Customizing your own personal putting green has never been easier. The Nylon Putt 2-Tone comes 12’ wide and will be altered to any length you desire. Its thick textured grass blades contain UV inhibitors, ensuring that your putting green will never fade and lose its vibrant color!  

At SGW, we take pride in supplying our customers with the highest quality synthetic grass and putting grass products. The Nylon Putt 2-Tone will replicate the putting green you have always wanted!

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